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What do customers want from a future PLM?

The first independent fashion PLM customer survey was a hot topic of discussion over the summer for fashion customers of PLM solutions, solution suppliers and industry educators, all eagerly awaiting the results of WhichPLM’s first report offering.

PLM helping to reduce your carbon footprint

Our style of living determines our carbon footprint; the choices we make and the habits we fall into have a major environmental impact. The ‘we’ I’m referring to here, in terms of trade, concerns conglomerates, small businesses, departments and divisions, right down to the individual who, through daily activities, has a negative effect on our climate.

Maturity level 1 PDM to level 5 PLM

Over the past six years the team at WhichPLM has continuously sought to improve the maturity performance levels of PLM; in our first survey, back in 2010, we put a wide range of questions to over 500 PDM/PLM customers, designed to help our analyst develop KPIs linked to varying levels of PLM implementation and adoption maturity.

Reaching new height in 2015

With each New Year come the feelings of hope and excitement – for new ideas, new adventures, new projects. It’s the perfect time to consider different ways of thinking, to come up with new creative designs and developments, to set new efficiency goals, and expand on different ways of working and adopting new technologies that support the ever-demanding challenges the market continues to bring to our doorsteps.

Can you risk choosing the wrong PLM solution

Your project team will need to educate themselves on the full range of PLM-related technology vendors (over 40 or more at the time of writing this) that cater to the retail, footwear and apparel market.

Why do I need PLM anyway?

In this exclusive article Mark Harrop, Founder & CEO of WhichPLM, shares some of his questions surrounding why your business might need PLM.

Process & People Change

In this blog Mark Harrop, WhichPLM CEO & Founder, discusses how to successfully approach change within an organisation. Change management is an inevitable part of any modern process management, and businesses need to deal with it in the correct way.

Back to the future II 2015

In a one-off, topical blog that could only be posted on this very date, WhichPLM’s Mark Harrop discusses the cult classic: Back to the Future II and how accurate the movie’s technological predictions actually were. 

The internet of things transforming topology

Following on from our CEO’s recent piece on the Internet of Things, he continues his series of blogs here. This time, Mark Harrop discusses the IoT from a more technical perspective, exploring TCP/IP standards, PPP, and Mesh Networks. 

Whats next for PLM in fashion

Continuing his recent series of blogs with us, WhichPLM Founder & CEO, Mark Harrop, shares his views on the future of PLM for fashion – both near term and longer term.

Pi Apparel CEO’s exclusive report

Mark Harrop reports on Product Innovation Apparel 2016; in the first of two reports from this show, Mark shares his thoughts on the content and complexity this year, and hones in on the sessions, which sparked his interest. This report will be followed by Kilara Le’s coverage of the show, next week. 

Digital partnerships in the RFA supply-chain

WhichPLM CEO & Founder, Mark Harrop, shares his latest piece with us here. He explores the trend WhichPLM has been seeing in digital partnerships within RFA, and what he refers to as the ‘disruption race’.