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Mark is well respected across the industry as an independent expert in the use of advanced technology to address leading business challenges. Whether it is the optimal method to adopt and exploit fashion Product Lifecycle Management, the realisation of the potential for 3D models, visualization and digital printing to optimise best practices, or investigating opportunities for advanced technologies such as AI and Blockchain to impact the entire supply chain.

Having reviewed many leading solutions over the years with a critical eye, and consistently reviewed vendors and the industry progress through the annual report, Mark has established himself as the ultimate reference source.

In addition to his immense experience in the field, Mark and his backup team, have also developed a wide range of tools and accelerators to ensure rapid, reliable, and high-quality outcomes regardless of the start point.

Mark has evolved to become the ideal industry arbiter where project expectations are not realised, for whatever reason. Leveraging his unique combination of industry understanding, business process optimisation, and best practices in facilitating technology-enabled business change, Mark has often helped resolve critical incidents and turned friction into alignment.

I am writing these comments as someone who has had the pleasure to work with Mark on a variety of customer and vendor opportunities in recent decades, through my experience as an independent Industry analyst, as a Gartner Industry Analyst Director, an industry consultant, and having worked for three different leading Fashion PLM vendors in multiple leadership roles.