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I would like to take the opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Mark Harrop and his outstanding team at WhichPLM. As the Senior T Manager of Go-To-Market Applications at Columbia Sportswear, have had direct responsibility for the global, enterprise-wide applications that Support our Sales, Marketing, and Production Creation departments of this 1.7 billion dollar Apparel and Footwear Corporation.

With roughly 1,000 users of our existing Matrix One product development management (PDM/PLM) system, and thousands of styles/colors developed in this system, it is critical that we have a stable, scalable, and sustainable solution, as well as a vision for the future. I am happy to report that Mark and his team have been instrumental in assessing both our existing system(s) and future needs of our complex global enterprise surrounding the vast product lifecycle management process for multiple brands, regions, and product types.