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WhichPLM Report 2017

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WhichPLM’s 7th Edition Report is now free to download! This publication contains features on PLM and data intelligence, detailed profiles of key players in the PLM sector, the results of our extensive PLM user survey, extensive market intelligence, a look into the future and more. Grab your copy now!

For six years, WhichPLM has provided the industry with market intelligence, vendor listings, the results of an extensive PLM customer survey, and exclusive features all within our Annual Reviews / Editions.

As with the 5th and 6th Editions (in 2015 and 2016, respectively) this 7th Edition report follows a similar format to our previous ‘Annual Reviews’, but with each successive edition including a new, topical section. For 2015, this section was on 3D; for 2016 it was on the ‘Internet of Things’.

WhichPLM’s 7th Edition examines fashion’s transition to becoming a digital industry – in lockstep with a world that’s changing more quickly than ever before. Central to this transformation is the currency of data, and in a series of exclusive features (compiled from exclusive interviews with industry figures) our 7th Edition sets out to explore the critical difference between undifferentiated data and true intelligence, and to talk about how businesses can best understand the world around them.

With a focus on the rapidly-emerging disciplines of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), this publication will look at how automated data collection, analysis, and subsequent automatic action have already irreversibly changed many industries – and how they will, sooner rather than later, do the same for fashion and retail.

As with previous years, the report opens with a scene-setting introduction from our CEO, and then collects a host of brand new editorial pieces. The 7th Edition then moves onto the results of our extensive PLM project user survey, profiles of the retail, footwear and apparel industry’s key PLM vendors, and the industry’s key consultants & implementers.

Our in-house expert advisors continue the publication with exclusive market intelligence and analysis; and we round of with a look into the future. ‘The future of PLM’, our closing feature, looks at how PLM (and fashion technology at a broader level) is likely to change in the next 1,3 and 5 years.

Download your copy of the 7th Edition Report here.

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