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Is the blockchain revolution coming to the fashion sector

In the first instalment of a two-part exclusive, our CEO delves into the world of bitcoin and blockchain. Mark Harrop gives a brief history of the ‘global phenomenon’ here, and in part two will look at what this could mean for the RFA sector. 

Blockchain: the next disruptive wave after the internet

In the second instalment of a two-part exclusive, our CEO builds on his exploration of blockchain for the RFA industry. Mark Harrop continues here by exploring some potential advantages of using blockchain in the fashion supply chain.

PLM success not guaranteed

On the surface, the PLM market for retail, footwear, and apparel seems like one long success story. From humble beginnings, crossing over from the automotive and aerospace industries in the face of scepticism, RFA PLM has become big business.

looking back moving forward

Late last year, WhichPLM made some predictions for the coming twelve months. Since then, I’ve been giving some extra thought to each of these and, in parallel, been speaking with some technology businesses that have already starting to act upon several key areas.

The future of fashion is today

Digital developments in fashion kicked off almost four decades ago when Gerber Technology acquired the AM-1 CAD system from the Hughes Aircraft Company.

3D to PLM integration

Since our inception, one of WhichPLM’s key objectives has been to portray an accurate view of the current fashion technology landscape, which has been focused predominantly on PLM.